ILS Logo
  • | Recognised both locally and internationally as the leading experts in distribution centre and distribution operations design | We pride ourselves on our independence and with over 600 distribution facilities over the last 32 years behind our name | In excess of 200 man years’ experience in providing our customers with award winning and proven results in facilities and operations that have given our customers a competitive edge
  • A Supply Chain & Logistics Consulting firm specializing in the design and development of warehousing and distribution facilities From Strategy to execution
  • | Supply chain strategies | Market and location Analysis | Materials handling systems | Facilities Design and development | Project Management | Operations Systems | Best Practice Standards | Warehouse management Systems | People and productivity optimisation | Operations Setup
ILS Slogan
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To be the leading provider of expertise in the design and development of Supply Chain and Logistics facilities and infrastructure.
  • Our Focus
  • Supply Chain Strategies
  • Market + Location Analysis
  • Materials Handling Systems designs
  • Facility Design and Development
  • Sustainable and efficient results
  • Project Management
  • Operational Systems
  • Best Practice Standards
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • People and Productivity Optimisation
  • Operations Training
  • Our Credo
  • To provide a professional service with the highest ethics and principles on behalf of our clients
  • Making continuous improvements
  • To act as an extension of our clients business in being their specialist logistics department
  • To advise as though it was our own business
  • To act unencumbered by any supplier or service provider purely in the interest of the client
  • To ensure that we add value and worth for the fees paid and value the trust they put in us
  • Ensure that all work done is to the highest standards and quality – ensuring that our clients can match world class best practice
  • Our Vision
  • To design and develop Supply Chain and Logistics facilities and infrastructure that give our customers a competitive edge


ILS’ ongoing development is focused on enhancing the total supply chain:
We have been developing skills and service offerings to enhance operations, and ensure our customers can achieve a world class standards and a competitive edge. ILS has adopted certain world-class best practice benchmarks as the standards to which a facility should be measured. Your success is a measure of our success.



Planning strategic direction benchmarked to world-class standards

  • Supply Chain network analysis & design
  • National & Regional DC strategy development
  • Facility Sizing and OPEX estimates
  • On-line fulfillment
  • Slow vs. Fast movers network set-up
  • A Supply Chain that supports business strategy
  • Site development strategies
  • Technology, IOT and digitalisation strategy


Development of world class infrastructure from concept to realization

  • Greenfields site development planning
  • Brownfields site development planning
  • Functional building requirements specification
  • Technical liaison to professional / development team
  • Facility sizing requirements (short to long term)
  • Design to execution
  • Procurement, program and vendor management


Development of operations to best practice and world-class standards

  • Operations assessment and benchmarking
  • WMS / WCS review
  • WMS / WCS functional requirements
  • Long term operational development strategies
  • Process audit
  • Labour standards and incentive programs
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy
  • Market and Location Analysis
  • Operations Assessments
  • Physical Infrastructure and Operations Development
  • Information Systems (WMS/WCS) Specifications and Selection
  • Systems Implementation and Setup
  • Go live support
  • Post Operational Support
  • Industrial Logistic Systems have also been involved in developing unique applications of different levels of technology and systems, such as

Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy

  • Business planning and Inventory models
  • Operating methodologies
  • Centralisation / Decentralisation issues
  • Out-source, third party or own run facilities
  • Purchasing systems
  • Cross docking and Flow-through
  • Methodologies
  • ECR strategies
  • Strategic Risk Assessment and Management
  • Transportation and physical distribution models
  • E-commerce and fulfilment strategies

Approach and Methodology

Do you plan or need to expand, require additional distribution space, consolidate, retrofit or relocate. We will help you make the right decisions by analysing your existing operations and projecting your future requirements.

ILS’ begin by evaluating your operation and getting to know your company.

  • Assessment of business and supply chain strategy or added developments if needed
  • Detailed data collection and analysis, including information related to sales, inventory, business trends and practices and then model the projected growth and expected changes to see what capacity requirements are needed

Once the capacity and strategy components are known ILS moves onto developing solutions to meet these requirements.

  • Development of operational and materials handling systems concepts
    • CAD designs
    • Budgets
  • Detailed selection analysis and viability
  • Detailed design and specification of selected concepts
    • CAD Designs and 3D modelling
  • Detailed specification of building requirements
    • Outline building specifications including
    • Clear height
    • Column spacing
    • Floor slab thickness
    • Recommended lighting levels
    • Number and location of doors, etc
  • We will provide a complete design based on your operation, space and budget requirements.

ILS then assists with the implementation.

  • Tender/ price enquires for all required equipment
  • Oversee the equipment purchase
  • Ensure the equipment meets the outlined specifications
  • Project management and systems commissioning
  • ILS take responsibility from the conceptual and strategic planning stage through to full operation
  • ILS thus provides the full range of logistics expertise
  • Collect, Analyse & Verify Data
  • Review & Optimise Operations
  • Brainstorm
  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Tender
  • Implement
  • Post Implementation Support
  • Procedures

Supply Chain and Logistics Strategy

  • Customer & supplier data
  • Service data
  • Inputs, outputs, throughputs & volumes
  • Size, shape, mix, profiles & categories
  • Fluctuations, seasonality, markets
  • International benchmarks & opposition
  • Inventories
  • Forecasts (short, medium & long term)
  • Business Plans


  • 200yrs +
  • 600+
  • 5+
  • 200+